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Watch: Construction of Norway-Poland gas pipeline resumes

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Work on a pipeline to deliver natural gas from Norway to Poland has resumed in Denmark after a nine-month suspension.

The Baltic Pipe, which is expected to deliver 10 billion cubic metres of gas annually to Poland — about half of the country’s total consumption — should be fully operational from 1 January 2023.

The European Union has announced plans to slash by two-thirds its imports of Russian gas by the end of the year to reduce its dependence on Moscow which supplies about 45% of the bloc’s natural gas imports.

This is in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with the EU’s energy dependence on Russia seen as a potential pressure point for Moscow to use against the bloc.

Although the EU has imposed sanctions against Russia for its military assault on its neighbour, it has steered clear of punitive measures against the gas and oil sectors.

Watch our report in the video player above.

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