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Greek man held on suspicion of kicking kitten into the sea

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Greek authorities have arrested a man on suspicion of kicking a kitten into the sea, the country’s minister for the police said.

The suspect is alleged to have enticed the cat with food at a seaside restaurant where he was dining in a village on the island of Evia.

A viral video of the incident on Sunday showed three people dining outdoors before two kittens approached in search of food.

One of the individuals dangled a small fish in front of one of the animals before kicking it into the shallow waters below, as a woman can be heard laughing.

Minister Takis Theodorikakos voiced shock at the incident and stated that “violence against animals is unacceptable.”

“I cordially congratulate those who brought the matter to the public attention,” he added on Facebook.

If charged and convicted of animal abuse, the suspect faces a sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a maximum €50,000 fine.

Greek media said locals took the kittens to a vet for examination and both were found to be unharmed.

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