My landlord doubled my rent days before Christmas


A 28-year-old single mother and registered nurse in Perth, Australia has had her landlords more than double her weekly rent in a disastrous move just days before Christmas.

In an emotional video shared on TikTok, Jakki Brooking spoke of her dire living situation, which could leave her and her son homeless by the New Year.

She explained her property was, until recently, a part of the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS), aimed at reducing rental costs for low-income earners at least 20 percent below market rent.

Jakki Brooking

“The house was recently sold, and the new owners didn’t want to go ahead with the same low-income scheme."

The consequence of this decision was a staggering increase in rent, soaring from $200 to a crippling $430 per week.

Brooking, in tears wearing Christmas-themed nursing scrubs, expressed her desperation, saying: “I obviously can’t afford to pay that … I feel so f—king stupid doing this s—t.”

The single mother detailed her efforts to secure alternative housing, only to face rejection after rejection.

Brooking said she reached out to her real estate agent, explaining the looming threat of homelessness for herself and her son. But the response was callous, with the agent, who has not been named, threatening legal action if she didn’t vacate the premises by the specified date.

Jakki Brooking

“I just don’t know what I’m meant to do now.”

She said the logistics of finding accommodation for her beloved cat and dog and a storage unit for their belongings added another layer of stress.

The comments section overflowed with sympathetic messages, condemning the challenging housing situation in Perth. Some offered practical advice, suggesting she contact the state tenancy board for assistance.

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