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Micah Richards SAVAGES Antony for ‘walking’ in 7-0 Liverpool rout

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‘It was like playing with 10 men!’: Micah Richards SAVAGES Antony for his role in 7-0 hammering by Liverpool, accusing the £85.5m winger of ‘walking’ and failing to offer ANY help to right back Diogo Dalot

  • Antony provided little to no protection down the right against Andy Robertson 
  • Former Man City full-back Micah Richards was left confused by Antony’s role 
  • He likened having the Brazilian in as playing with ’10 men’ due to his inefficiency

Manchester United were ‘playing with 10 men’ at Anfield because Antony ‘wasn’t doing his work’ down the right wing, claims Micah Richards. 

The damning indictment of the £85.5million winger came after Liverpool routed Manchester United 7-0 in a match which saw them score six goals in the second half. 

Former Man City full-back Richards was totally befuddled by the role Antony was fulfilling given he offered little-to-no protection for right back Diogo Dalot against the constant threat of Andy Robertson.  

‘There was no communication between (Diogo) Dalot and Antony, it was like playing with 10 men because Antony wasn’t doing his work down that side,’ Richards said on Match of the Day 2. 

‘We all know how good (Andy) Robertson and Trent (Alexander-Arnold) are in full-back positions so you would think Antony would try and get closer to Robertson.’

Antony cut an increasingly alienated figure as the game wore on with Liverpool emboldened by the free reign they had down the wide areas.  

Robertson in particular had all the space to attack down the left with Antony seeming to have no appetite to defend.  

‘He didn’t track (Robertson) to begin with – he was eight metres away – and that was just a little taster of what was to happen,’ Richards continued to explain. 

‘Antony needed to come back into that position but he just doesn’t do it. 

‘I was confused as to whether he was just being lazy for his team or his manager was just telling him to stay up there and be a threat on the counter-attack. Either way, it just kept happening and happening. 

‘As soon as they lose the ball, he just walks. We are talking about one of the biggest games for Manchester United and when they win the ball back there isn’t an option for him to run in behind because he is four yards offside.’


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