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Outback Wrangler star Matt Wright charged over helicopter crash that killed his mate


Outback Wrangler is charged over the chopper crash that killed his mate after handing himself in to cops amid a tense media scrum

  • Outback Wrangler Matt Wright has been charged over fatal helicopter crash 

Matt Wright, who rose to fame as ‘The Outback Wrangler’, has been hit with a series of charges over the remote Northern Territory helicopter crash that killed his mate.

NT Police confirmed on Tuesday afternoon he was charged with attempt to pervert the course of justice, destroy evidence, fabricate evidence, unlawful entry, make a false declaration, and interfering with witnesses.

Wright was bailed to appear in Darwin Local Court at 9.30am on Tuesday on the condition he does not contact certain people and remains at a designated address.

Wright flew back to the NT after a warrant for his arrest was issued over a string of charges over a helicopter crash that killed one of his best mates earlier this year

Earlier on Tuesday, Wright handed himself in to police after after his bodyguards scuffled with media at Darwin Airport.

The National Geographic and Netflix star pulled up outside the Northern Territory Police Headquarters at 2.05pm on Tuesday and sped inside when he saw waiting cameras.

His lawyer David Newey emerged 40 minutes later to say no charges had been laid against the reality TV star but police later confirmed that charges at 5.20pm local time.

NT Police said they were also investigating the incident involving Wright’s minders and ABC cameraman, Peter Garnish, at the airport. 

More to follow.

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